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Keystone Coaching Team Development Programs

Team/Peer Coaching Circles

Team/Peer Coaching Circles support leaders in creatively tackling the challenges they face while practicing the coaching skills they need. Coaching circles are an opportunity to share experiences and to learn from others as “the wisdom is in the room”. It enhances team learning and encourages shared leadership as it enables teams to use their collective resources to accelerate their performance.

How do our Coaching Circles work?

Coaching circles normally meet once a month and usually consist of a small group of people in leadership positions. With a Keystone leadership coach as guide, you and a small group of your peers will learn and practice professional coaching skills, and have the opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring on the specific challenges in your organization.

This facilitation enables the group to build their coaching capacity fast and so transfer their learnings to their workplace. Each member brings an issue to the circle and is then coached and mentored by his circle of peers. The desired outcome is that each participant returns to the workplace with relevant feedback, advice and practical plans on an issue they are currently facing.

Frequently asked questions in these circles include:

  • How do I help my team face the organizational challenges that come up?
  • How do I become more of a coach and less of a project leader?
  • How can I continue to expand my knowledge so I can help when
    unexpected things happen?
  • What is it about my job that is keeping me up at night?
  • How do I typically deal with conflict? Is this method effective in the workplace?

The Keystone coach may, at times, introduce themes to enrich their learning process, and the concepts, skills and practices introduced are essential to also facilitate better collaboration through understanding others concerns and perspectives, so enabling individuals and teams to achieve better results. A coaching circle is a resource for the leaders and their peers in organizations as the main purpose is to help people expand their thinking beyond solving problems and to move towards creating excellence.

Benefits to the team and organization:

Leaders who actively participate in coaching circles

  • become more competent in generating and maintaining effective relationships, both professional and personal, resulting in increased levels of trust and accountability in the organization,
  • are more able to help others expand their levels of responsibility and their capacity for initiative and action, resulting in people taking greater risks to produce results aligned with organizational vision and leadership,
  • become more effective by adopting the proven principles of coaching and empowerment;
  • begin to develop the kind of unity and team spirit that enable powerful work relationships to achieve outstanding results,
  • obtain a clearer sense of their commitments and those of their organization, in a way that increases alignment, and
  • enrolls people in new possibilities and achieves measurable gains in both individual and organizational effectiveness.

We also design custom-made workshops for organizational clients on a variety of topics such as Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, or High Performing teams as explained below. Each workshop is highly interactive, with a focus on experiential learning and hand-outs/workbooks are provided.

A month’s notice is usually required to design the content and approach to meet the organization’s requirements. 


The focus of this two-day workshop is to build a functional high performance team dynamic within an organization. The team development process has been designed around the premise that team development is a process not an event; it is an ongoing activity that requires investment of time and energy from the team.

Our approach to team development is built around the work of Patrick Lencioni which ensures that a team has critical underlying principles in place to achieve results. The High Performance Team Model is also used to allow a team to benchmark themselves against these critical functions for optimal performance.

The workshop content focuses on:

  • Built-in team effectiveness assessment tools and feedback, 
  • Enhancing personal insight with a particular focus on personality and individual derailers when under stress or frustrated,
  • Building a culture of Emotional Intelligence within a team, and
  • Focusing on both the ‘High Performance Team Model’ and the ‘Lencioni Five Dysfunctions in a Team’ to build a platform for sustainable team and leadership behaviours.

The team effectiveness programme enables team members to move from shared experiences to team delivery with a focus on results.

What our clients say:

“Thank you for sharing your expertise and passion for your subject with us. I am confident that your presentation will have inspired many of us and contribute to their pursuit of excellence”

“You have a novel way of putting across ideas”

“Your presentation has opened my mind to many possibilities which I had not considered until today”

To inquire about our workshops, please contact Keystone Coaching

The Keystone Leader as Coach Course

A leader is expected to get the very best from the people they work with. Much of that success will depend on their ability to help people develop the skills needed to improve performance levels. But coaching performance is more than skill enhancement – it is targeting growth paths, motivating, addressing behavioural challenges – all with the end goal of shaping and fine tuning individual or group performance to help organizations realize their strategic objectives.

Training senior managers to coach produces breakthroughs in their capacity to meet today's organizational challenges and to empower others in their work environment. Leaders learn that by being a coach they can modify or create an organizational culture that is more adaptable to change and open to new possibilities. 

The purpose of this tailor-made program is to train Leaders how to employ industry-proven informal and formal coaching strategies and techniques. Course participants are taught how to master the latest, valid coaching practices designed to be used on an 'in-time' basis or as part of their normal day-to-day activities.

The 'Leader as Coach' provides all managers and leaders with the skills and understanding of how both the informal and formal models of coaching can work for them and their people. This invaluable course is also the ideal platform for any planned roll-out of a structured, formal coaching program and/or the establishment of a coaching culture.                                          

Benefits of attending the course:

Leaders are shown how to:

  • enhance their management and leadership skills
  • understand how coaching can work for them
  • select the appropriate coaching models of practice in their role as a leader
  • learn a step-by-step proven, process of coaching in the work place that best suits them
  • practice their coaching skills in relevant role-plays
  • best deal with some of the key challenges that a leader coach must confront
  • improve employee performance and well-being by creating an environment that promotes learning and development
  • enable employees to build on their strengths and improve areas of weakness
  • address performance issues in a manner that gets employees back on track

The above is supported by relevant and up-to-date case studies, as well as research resources, practical self-assessments and role plays.

This experiential course is also the ideal platform for any planned roll-out of a structured, formal coaching program and/or the establishment of a coaching culture. As such, it assists the Leader as Coach to:

  • identify organizational policies, practices, and cultural factors that support successful coaching initiatives
  • tie coaching to their organization's strategic objectives
  • obtain a wealth of tools and sample documents to organize, launch, support, and sustain a proven coaching framework
  • utilize a scorecard of measures for evaluating their organization’s coachings effectiveness and growth
  • leverage critical enablers, and prevent critical derailing of effective coaching.

The Course Structure

The course consists of thirty modules and is flexible. As each module is complete in itself, a course can be tailor-made to meet the organization’s requirements. The duration of the courses can therefore also vary, e.g. half day workshops or longer certificate courses (2- 4 days accelerated learning).

Should half day workshops be required (e.g. a few modules are selected for training/facilitation), supportive mechanisms can be put in place to ensure maximum sustainability and growth, e.g. partner coaching/buddying, 2 hour group follow-up sessions to debrief module assignments and review learning etc.).

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