Competitive Advantage

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Keystone Coaching’s competitive advantage

We use:

  • Valid, scientifically supported assessments

The assessment phase of the leadership coaching program done by our coaches (HPCSA registered psychometrists/psychologists) provides both the coach and the leader with definitive information on which to base the developmental action plan. All assessments take into account the needs of the leader and the norms and culture of the organization.

Some of our validated and best practice psychometric assessment tools used, are:

  • The Leadership Circle Profile 360 degree assessment
  • The Enneagram
  • Strengthsfinder
  • Hogan Assessment suite
  • Baron EQ-i
  • MBTI
  • Values Inventories
  • Interest Questionnaires
  • Cognitive Process Profile and more.


  • Clear Contracting and Measurement of Progress and Success

This ensures that expectations between the coach and the coaches are defined and agreed upon from the outset. The contract provides for regular meetings with and feedback from line managers and other stakeholders to ensure alignment and tracking of behavioral change, as well as coaching midway and completion reports to track change and progress. Other aspects that are included are the structure of coaching sessions, scheduling, cancellation, confidentiality, as well as agreements of feedback, follow-up and documentation.

  • Stakeholder Involvement

Keystone Coaching views leadership coaching to be most successful when it is a three-way partnership between the coach, the leader and the leader’s organization and as such, coaching is always conducted within the context of the organization’s goals and objectives. Keystone Coaching encourages all stakeholders to be partners in the leadership coaching process.

  • A Business Focus and Alignment with Strategic Objectives of the Organization

Keystone's leadership coaching has a business focus. The coaching of leaders is primarily concerned with their development in the context of the organizational needs. The coaching objective is to maximize the leaders’ effectiveness and their contribution to the organization. The Keystone Coach, with many years of organizational experience, develops an understanding of the broader business context in which the leaders operate with particular emphasis on key business initiatives directly relevant to each leader. The leader and coach agree upon specific results that best reflect the organization’s business objectives. As such, Keystone Coaches ensure that successful coaching links a business focus with human processes by closely aligning the leader’s development with critical business needs.

Keystone areas of coaching expertise

By utilising innovative coaching techniques and tools, our coaches have successfully assisted clients to achieve results in many areas, including:

  • Developing greater flexibility in applying a range of leadership and management styles in order to adapt to an ever-changing and complex work environment
  • Leadership development, influence and personal branding
  • Performance improvement (new behavioral strategies and increased capacity for awareness and learning)
  • Enhanced decision-making and performance
  • Effective responses to organizational change and shifting organizational contexts
  • Improved interpersonal relationships with diverse subordinates, peers and important stakeholders/networking skills
  • Stress management, resilience and work-life integration/harmony
  • Time management and delegation skills
  • Career change, career management, professional advancement and barriers to change
  • Assisting leaders who are fast-tracked into senior management positions gain visibility, credibility and self-confidence
  • Developing a global perspective and strategic thinking skills
  • Skillful impulse control and improved frustration-tolerance
  • Skillful conflict-management and assertiveness
  • Decreased acting out of emotions, unconscious conflicts and other psychodynamic patterns
  • Improved capacity to learn and grow
  • Effectively coping with downsizing and mergers and acquisitions
  • Increased tolerance of ambiguity
  • Increased psychological and social awareness
  • Increased awareness and knowledge of motivation, learning, group dynamics and organizational behavior

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