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Alex Darko (FCCA   MSc. (MIS), Executive Coach and Mentor)

Alex is a seasoned change management specialist,management consultant and executive coach and mentor with over 30 years multi-industry experience in Europe, USA and Africa. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA) and holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems.

Alex pioneered the Shared Services function at Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (D&B), widely considered the global leaders in Business Information. As director of the UK Shared Services Centre (a function he pioneered at D&B) he built a high performance team and led re-engineering and innovative initiatives, which resulted in significant cost savings and improvements in service levels.

Alex worked on change initiatives in the USA and across the European divisions of D & B in Germany, France, Italy and Belgium. He also held the position of Director of Finance of D&B Europe Ltd.

Alex was the CIO of AngloGold Ashanti with responsibility for the Group’s Global Information and Knowledge Management function from May 2005 to April 2010.

He has a unique insight into organisational culture and the importance of culture in the successful implementation of strategy and draws on his extensive experience to assist executives to achieve positive and sustainable behavior changes as well as enhanced organizational performance.

Alex currently provides change management advice and consulting services to a number of organisations. He coaches senior executives and managers in both the private and public sectors and facilitates workshops on strategy, organisational culture, business process management and team effectiveness.

Alex is a non-executive director of Barclays Africa Group, Business Connexion, Consolidated Infrastructure Group, Mazor Group and Safintra.


Bronwen Gericke (MA Industrial Psych. Certified Master Coach)

Bronwen Gericke currently works as a coach, facilitator, trainer and Industrial Psychologist in leading South African organizations as well as on certain key overseas assignments. She has trained and coached in Turkey, Russia, UK, Switzerland, Holland and across South Africa. 

She works out of Midrand, Johannesburg and can be reached on 0826563205.

Having earned an extensive and successful reputation consulting to organisations on psychometric assessment, team development and facilitation of training interventions that include Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Effective Thinking Skills, Effective Strategic Thinking Skills and Line Manager as Coach programmes, the natural transition for Bronwen was to move into leadership coaching.

Having earned an extensive and successful reputation consulting to organisations on psychometric assessment, team development and facilitation of training interventions that include Mastering Emotional Intelligence, Effective Thinking Skills, Effective Strategic Thinking Skills and Line Manager as Coach programmes, the natural transition for Bronwen was to move into leadership coaching.

Bronwen’s Expertise

  • Building a Leadership Brand around leaders’ core areas of expertise, and learning the key aspects to marketing yourself from an ‘I-Matter’ perspective (self-esteem principles)  
  • Developing personal mastery as a leader
  • Defining and mastering strengths to build strategies to minimize the derailment from blind spots
  • Analysis of the leader’s team and individual strategies for people development
  • Anchoring an individual’s Place, Purpose, Passion and Highest Possibilities - the 4 P’s.

Bronwen is passionate about self-esteem and the impact that this has on leadership behaviour and the development of healthy organizational cultures. As a coach, Bronwen favours an appreciate inquiry, cognitive behavioural and holistic approach which focuses on building self-awareness, leveraging off individual’s strengths as well as understanding the strengths of those around oneself. She is particularly skilled in building self-esteem, stress management and EQ competencies with a focus on tracking the emotion, thought, behaviour continuum and understanding the impact of values on behaviour. She grounds her coaching process with selective and value adding psychometric assessments to accelerate self-awareness and understanding.


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Kirsten is a master coach and business consultant who works with good people and companies. She is passionate about creating new structures to support the ever-changing world we live, work and commune in, which makes start-ups and emerging leaders a favored playground. Her ability to connect with and envision clients’ potential, and then mobilize people to innovate and move towards this has been a distinctive feature of her leadership and career success.

Kirsten has a reputation for partnering with clients to achieve significant positive growth. Her extensive commercial background managing up to a R7.2BN international business, and as the former Director of Talent Development for Nike Inc, has provided a strong global dimension to her coaching work. This experience has afforded her the opportunity to work with influential, emerging and established thought and business leaders in start-up and leading brands across sportswear, luxury goods, fashion, FIN-tech, FMCG, manufacturing, higher education, pharmaceutical and professional services sectors.

Kirsten has designed a number of tailored coaching experiences and team interventions specifically targeted at developing authentic, purposeful leadership needed to navigate the complex global landscapes and unprecedented change that new and seasoned leaders face daily. Her work, “Leading with Purpose: A Case for Soul Leadership” speaks across generations to the need for self-empowered, collective leadership driven from a place of self-awareness, self- understanding and self-esteem.


‘An engaging, energizing, and authentic strategic thought-partner’ is how her coaching clients describe her. Kirsten’s approach assumes that people are powerful, creative and talented, and that they have the requisite inner resourcefulness to successfully find solutions and take action to achieve their desired results. She sees her coaching  role as a facilitator of change - connecting individuals, teams and organizations to enhance performance and achieve sustainable change by using validated change models and techniques to assess needs, remove blocks and build a portfolio of skills.


Kirsten is a Certified Master Coach with the Behavioural Coaching Institute and member of the International Coaching Council.  She is certified in the use of the Hogan Inventories for leadership, development and selection purposes.  Kirsten holds a BA (Hons) in Industrial Psychology and Communication. Her working language is English and she has conversational Dutch and Afrikaans.


Born in the USA and raised in South Africa, Kirsten and her family lived in Amsterdam for 10 years prior to relocating to Cape Town, South Africa. Her big loves: design, travel, food and music combine beautifully as a way to experience the world and its people.



E: M: +27844704688




Specialising in graduate on-boarding and MyGen/Millennial coaching 

Kaymin is a newly qualified Keystone junior associate coach who focuses her vibrant energy on her generation: Millennial graduates. She is passionate about initiating growth, not only within herself but also within society. She believes that change need not be grandiose but can be achieved through positive intent and by remaining resilient and rooted in the midst of adversity and when faced with the unexpected. She is at her most effective when placed under pressure and faced with a challenge. 

Her greatest contribution is her ability to connect with other Millennials and her sociable nature, which allows her to collaborate with diverse groups of young people.

Kaymin’s focus will be to extend Keystone’s offering to the future leaders, the Millennials in the workplace and also those Millennials who are in the process of redefining the world of work. She will be co-authoring a workbook for graduate Millennials with Dr Carita McCallum to help Millennials achieve their best selves during the course of 2018. 


Kaymin “has inspired me to do much more than I thought was possible with a new and unusual approach to a difficult situation”.

"What is unique to Kaymin is that she is an empathetic person who understands and sees the best in people...and so helps her clients achieve their goals with great planning and determination"

One of Kaymin's questions: "What does your best life look like?" was a great catalyst for my change journey.


Kaymin is a certified Keystone Coach - and spent the past year as an intern coach at Keystone, assisting with workshop design, research and other client services.  She holds a BA in Neuropsychology and an LLB degree and has completed a year of practical studies at LEAD and served as a volunteer as She is also a model and an avid Instagrammer.


Born and raised in Johannesburg, Kaymin relocated to Cape Town at the end of last year. Her big loves: her Maltese poodle Bonnie, travel and writing poetry as well as making a difference. She also has a big heart – and spent her 2016 week-ends working with a group of underprivileged children in Zandspruit and is also a member of GEM (Going The Exta Mile) volunteering  for community projects within the Johannesburg area.


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